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Do you experience frequent headaches, or have you noticed that your teeth seem to be worn down for no apparent reason? It's possible that you're suffering from temporomandibular joint dysfunction. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the place where your jaw attaches to your skull, allowing you to open and close your mouth. When this joint becomes injured or damaged, it can lead to TMJ dysfunction, a condition characterized by pain or clicking noises when you move your jaw. If that sounds familiar, we invite you to schedule an appointment at Dental Arts of Rockland to determine if you might have TMJ disorder. Our Orangeburg, NY practice uses some of the most innovative equipment on the market to diagnose and provide treatment for TMJ issues and the painful symptoms they can cause. Your TMJ treatment will be dependent on the cause of your specific condition, but a few options are oral appliances (night or mouth guards), orthodontics, dental restorations, and much more.

To diagnose a temporomandibular disorder, we will listen carefully to understand your concerns prior to performing a physical exam. Throughout the exam, we will assess the movement of your jaw and start looking for indications of jaw clenching, teeth grinding, and misalignment. We will also feel the jaw and surrounding area for any swelling and tenderness. We might request digital images of your lower head or a bite analysis to look for underlying causes that could determine your treatment method. Once the examination is done, we'll suggest a treatment plan to relieve your pain and stop any teeth grinding. Your options may include a custom-made mouth guard or a QuickSplint®, another custom device that can be created in minutes in our Orangeburg, NY office. Depending on your overall dental health, we might also recommend orthodontics or restorative dentistry treatments.

If you suffer from frequent headaches or jaw pain caused by grinding or other issues, TMJ therapy at Dental Arts of Rockland may be the solution you need to find relief. Some of the benefits of this treatment include:

  • Reducing persistent pain and soreness related to TMJ problems
  • Enhancing jaw function and movement
  • Alleviating neck pain, headaches, facial pain, and earaches
  • Reducing the sound of jaw snapping or popping
  • More restful sleep
  • Reducing the risk of additional oral concerns
  • Reducing tension and anxiety levels related to chronic pain

Perfect combination of art and science. Dr Gellis is kind and very professional. He really knows his stuff and he makes an art of it. He’s quick and accurate. Combining that with the terrific staff makes a wonderful experience. So great that I recommended my spouse and he also had a great experience. We’re so glad we found Dr Gellis.

C. Google

I can't say enough about how pleased I am with my experience with Dr Gellis. They go above and beyond to create a positive experience. The office is clean and feels like you're at a spa! The office staff is helpful and pleasant. The prices are fair and they offer several payment options. Most importantly the dental work is excellent. Dr. Gellis and his staff truly care about doing everything they can to make you comfortable during your treatment. I'm so thankful that I can rely on them for all my dental needs.

M.R. Google

Dr. Gellis and his staff made me feel at ease and recommended a treatment plan that was tailored to my needs. I typically have some anxiety when going to the dentist , due to the sounds of the machinery. However, Dr. Gellis and his staff offered a laundry list of complimentary amenities such as a warm neck pillow, headphones, and warm hand wipe to put my anxieties at ease. They were even able to move up my appointment so that I could receive care sooner and did not need to prolong having my crown installed! Thank you so much for your thoughtful attention to detail and patient centered care approach! I'm already looking forward to my 6m cleaning!

B.R. Yelp

Being a physician who was trained by international leaders in patient care, I expect any care that I receive personally to be of the highest standard, just as I would do. Dr. Gellis and his team are at the top of the pyramid, not only from a technical standpoint, but also in how they treat patients. This is the place to go for the best dentistry available.

J.H. Google

Kind and friendly caring atmosphere. .I actually look forward to going to the dentist. But it’s even much more than that. I’ve had bad experiences in the past and because of that have neglected my teeth . They helped me through my anxiety and treated me as if I was someone special. And that’s just it . Every patient to them is special. And every person who works there from Dr Gellis ,Collen , Megan , Randy , whoever you deal with is caring and kind. I wish all medical practices cared the same way.

C.L. Google


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With TMJ pain, even little things like chewing or talking can be much more challenging and uncomfortable. There are many potential causes for TMJ dysfunction, which is why we urge you to schedule an appointment at our Orangeburg, NY practice to receive a diagnosis and treatment. Whatever the underlying cause behind your jaw pain, our team is here to help you find relief. Contact Dental Arts of Rockland today to learn more.

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