Root Canal Therapy in Orangeburg, NY

When a tooth starts showing signs of decay, we can often save it with a composite resin filling. However, when decay spreads to the middle of the tooth (also known as the pulp), more advanced treatments may be needed to prevent further complications. That's where root canal therapy comes in. A root canal is an endodontic treatment that involves removing infected tissues inside the tooth and shielding it from future harm. While you may have heard that root canal therapy is unpleasant or painful, recent advancements in dental restoration techniques have made it possible to receive the care you need with minimal discomfort. At Dental Arts of Rockland, we take a gentle approach to root canals, helping patients find relief from the pain caused by tooth decay and restoring the health and appeal of each person's smile. If you have a darkened or damaged tooth, we urge you to reach out to our practice in Orangeburg, NY as soon as possible to discover if you might benefit from root canal therapy.

While you might feel nervous about the prospect of undergoing a root canal, rest assured that the team at Dental Arts of Rockland makes every effort to help our patients stay comfortable and relaxed during their treatments. Before starting your procedure, we'll numb your mouth with local anesthesia. As soon as your tooth is numb, we will drill a tiny hole in the tooth to allow access to the inside. The pulp, the structure that makes up the nerve center and blood supply for the tooth, will be extracted, and the inner canal will be cleaned out utilizing handheld tools before being entirely disinfected. We will then seal the affected tooth with a high-quality material and conclude with an anesthetic filling to start the healing process.

When decay manages to reach deep into the inside of a tooth, it's more than just painful — it's a threat to your overall oral health. That's why we urge patients in and around the Rockland, Orange, and Bergen County areas to schedule an examination as soon as possible when signs of infection start to become apparent. Aside from saving you from tooth loss, the benefits of root canal therapy at Dental Arts of Rockland include:

  • Provides lasting relief from dental pain
  • Prevents the spread of infection throughout your mouth and jaw
  • Improves overall oral health
  • Enhances the health and look of the affected tooth
  • Greater comfort when eating or speaking

Staff was professional, gentle, courteous, and accommodating. Great experience! AMAZING job in my front tooth crown. It looks beautiful! Dr. James is gentle, quick, and so so skilled!

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Chipped or infected teeth can lead to a wide range of oral or general health problems, which is why they should always be taken seriously. With our expertise and commitment to gentle care, root canal therapy at Dental Arts of Rockland offers a simple solution for restoring your tooth and your dental health. Call our practice in Orangeburg, NY to arrange an assessment, and learn more about our approach to endodontic treatment.

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